Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday July 24, 2006
Run – Svoboda Road/west Arm Provincial Park

I left the house on Chatham Street at about 9:30 this morning. The weather was clear and hot! Easily in the mid thirties. I plan to run up past Selkirk College onto a logging road (Svoboda Road) that leads into West Arm Provincial Park. The dirt road climbs to about 1100 metres in elevation (at least it does where I got to). It’s in good shape so even though it’s steep you can put your head down and power up it.
There are wonderful views of the lake to the left. The forest seems to be mostly hemlock and fir with some pine. There is not as much undergrowth as there is on the coast. The mountain bike trails off shooting the road are dry and dusty. I considered running these but decided not to as I had not informed Virginia of my route. I have promised her that I will adhere to the back country guidelines we have agreed upon.

I turned around at 50 minutes and let the feet fly back home.
Time: 90 minutes
Difficulty: medium
Enjoyment: high

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nelson BC Canada
July 23 2006

Our great adventure has taken a different turn! We are now fully transplanted into this picturesque town. We have purchased a heritage house built in 1901. It is located in the Fairview area of town close to the West Arm of Kootenay lake.

The house sits on a granite stone foundation. It is a wood frame construction with a coved solid fir siding. Above the first floor the siding becomes shingles. The floors are clear quarter cut douglas fir from the local forests. The framing is all clear douglas fir with nary a knot and is as good as new after 105 years. The original windows have been replaced and i will have to make new ones to match the originals. There is some stained glass but I believe most has been broken and replaced with clear float over the years.

The kitchen and bathroom are in an addition built in the mid seventies. I plan on renovating this completely with a new kitchen, bathroom and solarium.

The yard has three fruit trees. One peach, one plum and one pear. The pear has grown into the covered lanai and threatens to drop ripe fruit onto our heads as we eat dinner.

In future posts I hope to report on the various local rides and paddles. This is an active community and i can report that I have had NO problem findng like minded people to run/ride/swim and paddle with.

Stay tuned.....Bill
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