Sunday, February 25, 2007

Its been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. I have ended my retirement and joined the team at Spearhead Timberworks here in Nelson. Spearhead is one of the premier timber frame constructors in North America. I am working in the design department for their furniture millwork division - Clear Form Design. See both websites at or . Without question this is the most creative place I have ever worked.

For fitness I have taken up skate skiing at the Nordic Centre here in Nelson. At first it was an exercise in ungainly awkwardness. I had to rest after every small hill but after a dozen times I am starting to get the rythym and glide. Its a fantastic workout in beautiful settings The Nordic Centre has about 30 kms of trails. I have made it my goal to make it up the Clearwater trail without herring boning any of the hills. This trail climbs 6.5 km's before turning back for a fast descent to the parking lot. The picture here is part of the Busk/Euphrates loop. I had two white tailed deer run on the trail with me for about 500 m early one saturday morning.


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