Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have just finished the master bedroom in the house. What a job. Hot, dusty and dirty. Plaster restoration is time cosuming and difficult. The results have flair and personality. I removed layers of wallpaper. I recommend using a paper tiger and a sharp drywall knife. Be patient and try not to gough the plaster eventually it will be done and you will sport a new set of muscles. I also removed a layer of spraytex popcorn which someone had applied to try and hide the

poor plaster condition. I used a spray bottle of water and a drywall knife.

Some before picturesSome plaster will just fall out. Re-key the loose plaster with screws and plaster washers. Open up all the cracks. I opened them up to about 6mm. I applied stucco mesh where the plaster had fallen out. Use plaster not drywall compound as it is much harder. It sets off quickly so do not mix too much. Several applications are required. It does not sand easily so its best not to over fill.


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